A little about Jill Geiger -

my background and teaching practice

teaching the Alexander Technique
since 1990
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Certificate of Merit      Distinguished Service Award           
                AmSAT Certificate of Merit         Distinguished Service Award                                                   

I'm certified by both AmSAT and STAT as a teacher of the Alexander Technique (with a BS in Education and Psychology) and have been teaching full-time since 1990. My private teaching practice is located just outside of Boston in Newton, Massachusetts and I work with people of all ages with a wide variety of occupations and interests. Reasons for taking lessons typically include interest in:

-improving posture and moving with ease and poise

-experiencing relief from stiffness and pain (neck, back and shoulder pains, including many computer-related injuries, are commonly caused by long-standing habits of tension)

-improving breathing, vocal and musical expression and reducing performance anxiety (the AT has long been studied by amateur and professional musicians, singers, actors, public speakers, and dancers)

-enhancing coordination and athletic abilities (the AT is used by runners, golfers, horseback riders and other athletes to improve skills)

Among my pupils are people referred by their doctors because of chronic neck and back pain; computer users who learn how to sit, type and use the mouse comfortably; former slumpers and slouchers; musicians and singers who learn how to perform with ease; golfers who learn to improve their swing and others.

I first became interested in the AT because it offers a practical method of becoming more conscious - both mentally and physically - and teaches how to improve the quality of daily life on a very concrete level. After a series of lessons I knew I wanted to become a teacher myself and moved to the Bay Area to train at the Center for the Alexander Technique directed by Edward and Linda Avak.  After completing the three years of training I began teaching in Palo Alto and had an established teaching practice there for seven years before returning to the Boston area in 1997 where I've been teaching ever since. 

Since becoming certified to teach I continue my education by organizing and attending workshops and studying with senior teachers in the US and the UK.  An active member of AmSAT, I was the society's first Information Manager, coordinated two of our annual meetings, served on a number of committees (some in the role of chair) and am currently on AmSAT's Leadership Advisory Council.  I'm honored to be the recipient of the 2013 Distinguished Service Award and the 2011 Certificate of Merit in recognition of service to AmSAT.

What I've learned from the AT has improved the quality of my life in many ways and I find teaching extremely satisfying because of the lasting changes pupils typically experience.


In addition to my private teaching practice I offer introductory classes through
adult and community education programs in the greater Boston area.

Partial list of groups for whom I have been invited to present the Alexander Technique

Jill Geiger, AmSAT, STAT
72 Madison Ave.
Newton, MA

617 527 7373