Certified teachers of the Alexander Technique have completed a teacher training program of 1600 hours of class instruction over a minimum of
three academic years with a student/teacher ratio no greater than five-to-one. 
AmSAT (American Society for the Alexander Technique) maintains the nation's highest standards for teacher training, certification and membership and maintains affiliations with similar credentialling bodies worldwide.  There are over 600 AmSAT certified teachers nationwide.
Board-approved AmSAT teacher training courses meet the requirements of the Training Approval Committee which periodically reevaluates
each of AmSAT's teacher training programs and its directors.

In the US there are 25 AmSAT-approved teacher-training programs in 13 states. 
Internationally there are dozens of programs certified by affiliated societies in countries around the world.


There are eighteen international affiliated societies of certified teachers of the Alexander Technique
with over 3000 members across the world.

STAT, the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, is the oldest professional association of teachers of the Alexander Technique. Formed in London in 1958, it has several hundred members in England and 36 other countries. STAT acts as an advisory body for
the formation of similar organizations which maintain the same professional standards.

Alexander Technique Worldwide is the organization of these affiliated societies.

AUSTAT: Australia

GATOE:  Austria

AEFMAT: Belgium

ABTA: Brazil


DFLAT: Denmark

FINSTAT: Finland

APTA: France

ATVD: Germany

ISTAT: Israel

NeVLAT: Netherlands

ATTSNZ: New Zealand

NFLAT:  Norway

SASTAT: South Africa

APTAE: Spain

SVLAT: Switzerland

STAT: United Kingdom

AmSAT: United States

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AmSAT (American Society for the Alexander Technique)
is the largest professional organization for teachers of the AT in the US. Founded in 1987, AmSAT is an educational non-profit organization. 

In addition to maintaining certification standards for teachers and teacher-training courses in the US, AmSAT provides public education and membership services.

AmSAT's Annual Conference and General Meeting (ACGM) takes place over five days and is held in a  different part of the country each year. Members conduct business, further their education with classes led by senior teachers and exchange work and ideas formally and informally.

Featured speakers at past ACGMs have included:

Neuroscientist Dr. Tim Cacciatore speaking about his research into Postural Control and Dr. Joseph LeDoux, Professor of Science at the Center for Neural Science, New York University.

All AmSAT-certified teachers have satisfactorily completed the Society’s rigorous requirements for teacher certification. For a list of teachers certified by AmSAT and information about the organization:
800 473 0620

Associate Membership

Associate membership in AmSAT supports the organization and its goals. Available to the public, annual dues are $40.  Benefits include a free subscription to the AmSAT Journal, special workshops at AmSAT's annual meetings and a discount on books purchased through AmSAT Books.  For further information contact the AmSAT office.

AmSAT Journal

The AmSAT Journal is a professional journal dedicated to publishing high quality writing on practical, theoretical, and professional aspects of the Alexander Technique. Published twice yearly, subscriptions are available to the public for $20 (US address), $30 (international address).  Subscription information:

To facilitate the exchange of ideas and information on a global scale, eight international congresses have taken place to date with the ninth scheduled to be in August of 2011.

These congresses are a forum for workshops and presentations and bring teachers together from around the world to exchange work, knowledge and experiences of the Technique.  Collections of papers presented at these congresses have been published and are available from STAT.

1986: Stonybrook, NY

1988: Brighton, England
1991: Engleberg, Switzerland
1994: Sidney, Australia
1996: Jerusalem, Israel
1999: Freiburg, Germany
2004: Oxford, England
2008: Lugano, Switzerland
2011: Lugano, Switzerland
2015: Limerick, Ireland
2018: Chicago, IL

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Jill Geiger, AmSAT, STAT

teaching the Alexander Technique since 1990
Newton, MA

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